Sunday, January 12, 2014

The last couple days...

The last couple days have been fairly low-key compared to the visit to the orphanage. Saturday morning was the medical appointment for Eva. She handled it really well. We found out at the orphanage that Eva had actually been in the hospital for 2 weeks to be treated for bronchitis. She was pretty sick (hence the 5 medications they loaded us down with). It sounds like she had only been out of the hospital for a few days when we got her. The Lord was totally in the timing of us coming for her. We actually got travel approval earlier than we expected and could have gotten her as early as December 23. We didn’t have a peace about coming that quickly, and it’s a good thing because unbeknownst to us, she was in the hospital. She is doing MUCH better now. She’s eating well, sleeping fairly well, and definitely has lots of energy! The last update we got said she weighed just under 16 pounds. That must have been with her sumo suit on because she came to 13.9 pounds on Saturday. I have a feeling she didn’t weigh quite as much as they said, and she probably lost some while she was sick. She’s making up for lost time now though!

Today we went to the wholesale pearl market and had a little bracelet made for Eva. The way it works there is that you buy a string of pearls, and they make whatever you want from it. It’s fun to watch them string them! Since Eva would probably just chew on it now, we got one for when she’s a little bigger and then another for when she’s an adult. Ayla has the same thing at home.

After the market, we went to the Chen Family Temple. It is over 100 years old and has lots of traditional Chinese art and architecture. My mom and I took the girls to the very back garden where you could see the backs of some actual homes. It was our favorite part!

Ayla is doing a little better. Yesterday she said she liked Eva, which was an improvement from what she said the day before. She still has more meltdowns than normal, but we do see the real Ayla in between those moments (right now she is dancing on the coffee table to the Mulan music), which I’m so thankful for! Ayla is learning the art of “sharing.” You know, if Eva has something she wants, just take it and put something else in her hands. It’s working for her for now, but it won’t last long! Seriously though, I am just praying for wisdom and grace in dealing with her. I want her to be able to express what she’s thinking about Eva and “big sisterhood” without feeling like she’ll get in trouble. It’s the same openness I want both girls to feel when the tough adoption questions come as they get older. It won’t always be easy to talk about or what I want to hear, but I never want them to feel like they have to act or answer a certain way to be loved and accepted. 

Anyways, I feel like this trip is flying by! We are going to the zoo tomorrow, which Ayla is really excited about! Tuesday morning we have our consulate appointment and then a dinner cruise that night. Wednesday we go to Shamian Island to shop, and then we head to Hong Kong that evening to fly out at 12:55 am Thursday. Yeah, you can go ahead and be in prayer for that one! It feels like we just got here, and it’s almost time to leave. We will fly into Atlanta at 9:25 am on Thursday morning and then drive back to Birmingham. I’m tired just thinking about the trip home.  We won’t have an airport welcome this time around… unless you want to come to Atlanta… during rush hour… that’s what I thought! ;)

Ok, I’ve got two little girls trying to climb in my lap and we’re about to head to dinner, so here are a few pics from the past several days...

Checking out the fish before we take our babies
to the doctor.

Waiting to see the doctor...
Eva didn't make a peep (neither did baby Stella).
Getting measured. Almost 14 pounds. (I love the nurses' hats!)

3 proud dads!

While daddy holds Eva... some much needed cuddles with my big girl!

At Hagan Daas... the chair looked like a cage.

picking out some pearls...

trying them on...

Eva too!

Chen Family Temple

Our group of 5 families (2 more joined this week after getting their girls
in other provinces)

While mommy was shopping, Ayla took Daddy on a tour of the place...

The home took 6 years to build and is made of only brick and wood.

The back garden with the homes behind.

Keep up Daddy!

A rock...

A courtyard.

A home behind the Temple walls. It looks
like a set.

Let's shake on it!

I might like her...


Amy @Set Free said...

I love this Tiff. Love your heart, love seeing you as a mommy, love that you're trusting the Lord to walk you through something most people wouldn't consider. Thank you for sharing!! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, would love to see update Bless those precious baby Girls :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this blog, but I guess it is over, I am not known to you but think the blog is great and your children very precious. I pray for these children daily